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My great grandmother, Alice taught me to sew when I was 9. I continued to sew, making some of my own clothes for school and many of my party dresses in high school. When my son was born I hated throwing a diaper over my shoulder to protect my clothing from his spills and drool, and his sensitive skin from germs.  Thus was born a version of the burp cloths I make today.


Sewing continues to be my "therapy" and helps me relax and regenerate. My dream is to have my own children's store stocked with many of my handmade creations and provide unique product personalization for my customers. With the help and support of my family. I am taking this leap.


Babies are a blessing and deserve to be treated as such, regardless of life circumstances.  This is one of the reasons it's so important for me to give back. With this venture, I intend to make this a more formal, structured effort.


Thank you for choosing Baby B for your special little one!


-- Shirley

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